The annual science fiction and fantasy convention

April 2011, Tel Aviv, Israel

The 2011 Olamot.Con Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention will take place in Tel Aviv during the Passover holiday (April 2011). Olamot.Con is one of the largest conventions in Israel, receiving extensive media coverage and attracting hundreds of participants each year. Olamot.Con is a red-letter day for fans of the science fiction and fantasy genres (both in literature and cinema), and its diverse program attracts people of all ages.

Every year the convention hosts more than one hundred events, including lectures, panel discussions, contests, professional workshops, live shows, filk events and special screenings (including movies' and series' premieres), celebrating the science fiction and fantasy fandom.

Olamot.Con is produced by non-profit organizations that work all year long to promote both the fandom and the creators of science fiction and fantasy, and strive to make these genres more accessible to their audience. As a result, Olamot.Con features mainly new content (TV shows and films) that is not otherwise available to the Israeli public. We take pride in providing a stage to independent filmmakers and young authors.

Olamot.Con is a seminal cultural event, made possible by the passion and hard work of dozens of volunteers, from the convention director to the last but not least staff member. Their only reward is the convention itself, as all incomes are used to pay for the facilities and cover expenses.

This year's convention focuses on the concept of TIME. Among other things, we will explore the wonders of time travel, what life will be like in the future, time paradoxes and more. Dozens of participants from both the academic and fandom communities will take part in this year's celebration, which, as always, will have four lecture/theater halls running concurrent events all day long.

Convention participants will also enjoy a huge fair of science fiction and fantasy merchandise (books, props, action figures, DVD's etc.)

The convention will also host a short story, filk writing and T-design contests, trivia games and other interactive activities, both during the convention and online.

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